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Cobos and the confict with the country

Posted by gislena on 18 July 2008

Julio Cobos: ” The people want social peace and it of last night in the Senate already it passed”

He came in car to the city La Paz where his followers received him with honors. He rejected that he wants to be a candidate for President in 2011 and said that ” it would be a longing ” to return to the radicalism. The vice-president refused to comment on Cristina Kirchner’s speech and said that he waits for her so called one ” to continue advancing with new forces “.

The holder of the national Senate Julio Cobos rejected this night his possible candidacy to President in 2011 and said that ” it would be a longing ” to return to integrate the Civic Radical Union (UCR), on having come to Mendoza. The vice-president refused to comment on Cristina Kirchner’s speech, in the province of the Chaco, though he noticed later that ” to me me nobody presses. I work on the basis of my convictions. They would have to realize that inside the own party-liners there were voices in dissent “.

Respect of the situation that he has to live, Cobos underlined that ” it is too much for a man… One is of meat and bone and in his interior one is full of feelings and emotions, and one tries to act of the best way. But he knows that the country was looking at it and that of my decision he could intend towards a side and towards other one “.

” The history, the destiny put me in this circumstance and I expressed what I was feeling. I did not have the possibility of elaborating a speech, the situation was unexpected, because it was given in the last hours. But sometimes it is necessary to trust in the destiny “, thought Cobos. The chief of the national Senate assured that the vote already had it determined and well-considered ” because he was interpreting to feel of the intendants that they were coming almost crying to counting to me the experience of the peoples of Cordoba, Santa Fe, Entre Rios”.

” The logical thing was that when it is analyzed by the Chamber that he represents to the provinces, he had also a participation in the law that had to be as agreed by consensus as possible. Because of it my order of fourth interval: It seemed to me that as well as it was, the law was not going to obtain the results that were waited and that the conflict was not going to be solve minimally “.


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