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why do we use insults?

Posted by gislena on 16 July 2008

In our language, the insults possess the semantic unique load, which we would not manage to express if we should replace them with some another expression, for example, if in a certain situation we cannot stand the inopportune behavior or said by any person, and we feel with all the freedom of offending her, have two options, or say to him/her ” you are a person who possesses few intelligence ” or resort to a rudeness: ” you are an idiot “. Though in both forms what is distinguishing itself is small intellectual capacity of the individual, the second expression reflects major emphasis in this fault.

Likewise, the groserías represent a valve of leak for the tension for which we happen, on having insulted we unload to such a degree our annoyance, our impotence, our pain, which it might say that the insult can fulfill also one they work cathartic in the human being.

The Spanish language has registered numerous changes in the course of his history, both in his morphology and in his phonetics, in his syntax and, certainly, in his semantics; they have eliminated some words and others have arisen.

This way then, the words of a language suffer processes that can be motivated so much by external reasons (social, psychological, influences of other languages, etc), since by internal reasons (internal processes to the language itself). The calls ” bad words ” have not stayed out of these transformations.


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