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How the color of eyes of a person is determined?

Posted by gislena on 30 June 2008

How the color of eyes of a person is determined?

Then of the artificial way it is as easy as to go to an optics and to select the pair of lenses that you want. But of the natural way it is one more a more complicated pinch. It is necessary to begin to clarify that, in fact, the eyes are not of colors. A brown melanin tonality only exists; while more melanin, darker will be the eyes, and while, less clear. We see blue and green eyes, for example, thanks to an optical effect that arises as a result of the interaction between the coloration of the different components from the rainbow, as it happens with the blue blood vessels: in fact they are not of that color, but when being places setting by the skin give the sensation us of which they are thus. However, the melanin concentration in the eyes yes is certain for each person, but not since they have taught to us. They say almost always to us that the genes that produce the blue eyes are recessive or less common, whereas those of the brown eyes are dominant. In fact, the color of the eyes is not established by that type of inheritance, but it involves the combination of several genes that interact to each other in which polygenetic inheritance is denominated, the same that determines other characteristics, like the stature and the color of the skin. For that reason it is that a person can have the green eyes although their parents have chestnut tree. This type of inheritance is distinguished of the mendelian inheritance, call thus by the laws of dominant recessive genetics/of Gregor Johann Mendel.



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