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hi there

Posted by gislena on 20 June 2008

well, this is my first post. im a newy here, so.. ill be improving (hope so) with time.


im at work now, actually in break for lunch waitin the hour to finish, while writtin this. now, im workin as an analist for facturation for the dealers when they sell the cars. its a nice job, quite fun actually, cuz, i mean im with the phone all day n have to talk to ppl from different places, n at the end of the day, i end talking bout everything except work. well… thats what i do.

today has been a very quiet day, in comparison with the rest, i just didnt get any call at all. had to start testin some all stuff i had till someone call.. then i did some other stuff i had there, some old cases i had to finish n came to lunch.


so, im going now, will be back later….




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